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    Ruthie Frank

    Image by Vanessa Laurie


    Made right here in Taranaki, we love Ruthie Frank ceramics. The tumblers are the perfect vessel for drinking your hot chocolate or chai and make a beautiful gift for a loved one.  We recently chatted with Ruth about her work and with Mother’s Day coming up, her mum.


    Tell us a little about yourself.

    My name is Ruth.  I am 33 years old and I grew up in Taranaki.  I am a Ceramic Artist and love surfing, hanging out with friends and family, and being in nature.


    What led you into working with ceramics?

    It was something I had always wanted to do.  In 2016 I signed up for a 6-week wheel course at the New Plymouth Pottery Club, which was a great introduction to clay.


    We love the styles and colours of your pieces. How did you develop your own style and colour palette?

    Lots of experimentation – which was so much fun!  I had seen marbling done, but I wasn’t sure how to achieve it.  I tried it on the wheel first – that technique is called agateware.  I then moved on to playing around with marbling and liquid slip and getting introduced to a completely new technique called slip casting. That is how I work now.  I’ve always loved bright colours and I love playing around with different colour combinations.  They often reflect the mood I’m in when I create them.


    Tell us about your mum, and the things you appreciate about her.

    My mum has been the most loving, nurturing and supportive mother to me and my two siblings.  She has recently retired from being a teacher, and is looking forward to being a grandmother in a few months.  We all look forward to her bringing the family together regularly and cooking us a beautiful meal.  I’ve recently moved my studio into Mum and Dad’s place and have taken over their garage.  I feel so grateful and supported that they welcomed this, and I love that I get to see them most days.


    What’s your favourite way to spend time with those who love and nurture you?

    Just hanging out, having laughs, sharing food or going for a surf or swim together.


    Finally, how do you drink your West Coast Cocoa?

    I love a spiced chai to warm myself up on a cool day.

    Image by Vanessa Laurie


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