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    exceptional flavour

    Premium quality West African ''Dutched'' cocoa

    ”Will cause happiness”

    West Coast Cocoa was foundered with a vision – to craft a delicious hot chocolate and chai range that we’d feel good about serving to our families and friends; a range of flavours that would share our love and passion for rich, intense cocoa and the aromatic spiciness of chai.

    The WCCM team of tasters have put their heart and soul into perfecting each products flavour characteristics – the result; a family of carefully crafted and delicious hot chocolates and chais.

    Produced on the West Coast of New Zealand, each batch of hot chocolate and chai is blended with care in small batches to ensure consistency and premium quality. Our range is then lovingly packaged by hand and delivered to our stockists, cafes and fans throughout New Zealand.


    Enjoy every sip

    “We’re committed to fair, ethical trade”

    One of our core values is to act responsibly and with integrity so you can feel good about indulging in our cocoa and chai drinks.
    We’re committed to fair, ethical trade, so source our West African cocoa through the UTZ Certified Cocoa Programme.

    The UTZ programme is based on the principles of “a better price for a better product” and works closely with farmers to improve agricultural, social and environmental practices.

    Every step of our journey is considered; from sourcing our ingredients, to our packaging, to delivering to your door. So treat your senses and enjoy every sip.


    We love working alongside an eclectic group of beautiful businesses and individuals. The key to any relationship is understanding each other’s values. If you are keen to work with us, why not pen us an email about your business or project and why you think we would work well together alongside a completed Wholesale Account Application 

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